Kiwiology is a directory of kiwi blogs – the stuff that makes up the New Zealand blogosphere.

Blog topics include, but are not limited to:

New Zealand based blogs, Kiwis blogging overseas, blogs about anything ‘New Zealand’ or by people currently in New Zealand, New Zealand issues and current events and kiwis’ personal blogs.

Why a New Zealand directory?

Kiwis are very vocal, talented and present on the web. Unfortunately some of that voice can get lost in the wider blogosphere with all that other noise going on. It’s hard to find blogs and bloggers that are uniquely kiwi elsewhere on the web.

Try searching Technorati for “new zealand”. Tons of crap, some good bits. We’re here to fish out the good bits. So here they are…

How are the blog entries created?

All the blogs here are entered manually, and we do a quick check that the content is reasonably up to date and not dodgy, nasty stuff. Eg we won’t add a blog that you haven’t posted in since Jan 2006 or that you use to hurl racial abuse.

We also check the feed and URL address – sometimes though, our sources aren’t the most up to date, so let us know if things need a freshen up.

Obviously this is all done by humans, who are known to be slow and doddery at times, especially pre morning coffee. So if mistakes sneak in, or something looks out of place, or you think a description doesn’t suit, Let Us Know.

How do you find all the blogs?

We lurk around blogs quite a bit these days, and as you know, one blog leads to another… If your blog is on Kiwiology, we’ve probably had a squiz at your blogroll to see if there’s anyone on there who we haven’t met yet.

We also get many emails from lovely folk out there, letting us know about their own blog or their favourite NZ blogs.

Our friends also drop us a line when they stumble across New Zealand blogs that they think should be part of the directory.

You may have more questions – check below or email us!

Frequently Asked Questions