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Calling all aspiring bloggers out there. Don’t be afraid of what is ahead and the competition. We are here to give you a boost and we will make sure we send the message out there and that people will embrace it.

Advertise with Us Today

In our weekly blog compilations, we have one page to feature other blogs out there, mostly new ones. That is where we advertise you and the message you want to send to the world. It might be just a static photo on people’s screen but, that particular content material is backed up by our great creative team.

To advertise with us means you’ll have the entire creative team of Kiwiology behind you. The particular ad campaign will be strategically designed to maximize every idea we put in it. We believe in the power of words and connecting to your target audience.

One Liners

It is one top rule to always work with one liners for these ad materials. We believe that a message is well said if it is delivered to be understood by a 4th grader. You might think that it won’t work all the time but based on our experience and research, it does.

After a number of A/B testing with our previous campaigns, we see that people are more engaged and interested with messaging that is straightforward. This is more challenging because it is hard to come up with the right words to say.

Advertising Guidelines

First of all, our advertising services are free of charge. That is right, it is more than just affordable. We offer free advertising because we know that there are a lot of unnoticed blogs out there that don’t get the recognition that they deserve due to the growing competition. We make sure that this marketing investment of yours is worth it.

Secondly, we publish our feature articles on other online platforms including all of our social media hubs and in regular email campaigns.

Thirdly, the full timeline of each ad campaign runs for at least two weeks. The first week is mainly for consultation and materializing ideas. The second week is mainly for test campaigns and polishing everything.

However, our service does not end there. We always provide an engagement report for each campaign we send out. That way, we are able to determine if the ad was successful or not. We can also see what is working and what is not.