Giveaways and Sponsorship

We have a range of promotional opportunities available at Kiwiology.

Promoting your blog
If you have a blog listed with us, we can offer a Featured Blog spot, a Snapshot spot or a Blogger Interview. These features are of a non-commercial nature and designed to bring attention to you and your blog, as opposed to a specific product or service you might be promoting. Read more about Promoting Your Blog here.

We’re working on running a regular giveaway spot at Kiwiology, focused on providing prizes or vouchers as giveaways to our members. Perhaps you’d like to promote your business, product or special offer through Kiwiology by providing prizes as giveaways – for example products, vouchers, or discount codes that are offered exclusively to Kiwiology members and friends.

There is no charge to run a giveaway with Kiwiology, although of course you do need to supply the prizes! Giveaways will have their own page on the Kiwiology website and get a mention on our Facebook page.

Click here to see our latest giveaway.

We’d love to hear from you about any giveaways you’d like to provide for our members, please email us at

Website Sponsorship
We have a website sponsorship area available to show your logo/button which links to your website. These spaces are 270 x 50 pixels and cost $55 + GST per month. If you provide a giveaway or sponsor an email newsletter, the cost of a website sponsorship spot is $15 + GST per month.

We’d love to hear from you about sponsoring our website, please email us at

Newsletter Sponsorship
We send out our email newsletter “The Kiwiology Post” on an infrequent basis, to update our membership about any changes going on at Kiwiology and let them know about new things on the website and any current giveaways and promotions that are running. The email newsletter goes out to the entire membership of Kiwiology, plus other interested parties who have signed up just for the email, and excluding any members that have unsubscribed from our emails in the past.

Each email newsletter will be available for sponsorship from December 2010. Newsletter sponsorship includes a featured spot with your introduction and logo/photo at the bottom of each email newsletter, as well as a mention on our Facebook page. Our past newsletters will also be stored on the Kiwiology website.

Email newsletter sponsorship spots currently costs $75 + GST.

Please contact us on if you would like to promote your business, product, or special offer through email newsletter sponsorship.