On The Farm

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On The Farm is the weblog of Gareth Renowden, a New Zealand-based truffle grower and writer.

“Gareth Renowden is the author of The Truffle Book, president of the New Zealand Truffle Association and trainer of New Zealand’s champion truffle hound, Peg.

He grows three different species of truffle on his small farm in New Zealand’s Waipara Valley, as well as olives, grapes (pinot noir and syrah) and walnuts. When not tending his crops he writes books and magazine articles, specialising in gourmet food and its production – and (as often as possible) consumption. He was keynote speaker at this year’s Oregon Truffle Festival, and has travelled widely in France, Spain and Italy visiting truffle growers and sampling their wares.

He aspires to selling New Zealand grown black and white truffles to discerning French and Italian customers, but in the meantime is happy to eat his entire crop.”

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