Our Interview with Dr Ken Perrott of Open Parachute

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This month, we’re stoked to hear from Dr Ken Perrott of Open Parachute. Ken also collates New Zealand Blog Rankings and publishes an update each month on his website, along with the publicly available current 7 day averages of the number of visits each blog receives.

Open Parachute on Kiwiology - new zealand bloggers interviewsTell us about your blog in five words:
My personal blog: Science, religion, philosophy, human rights

Where do you find inspiration for your blog?
From reading (I post book reviews quite often and will also use ideas for separate posts). By responding to other local blogs – particularly where I feel the need to challenge their misrepresentation of scientific findings (currently climate change but in the past evolution) or scientific methods (eg. Theological misrepresentation of scientific philosophy and epistemology). Generally commenting on ideas about science, human rights, etc., which I have and feel worth communicating.

What are your interests outside of blogging?
Art, Photography, Opera, books, science in general

Three blogs you can’t stop visiting right now:

The best thing about blogging is…
Being able to communicate one’s ideas and opinions and have them permanently available.

The worst thing about blogging is…
Guilt – the pressure to maintain regular posts at the times I feel like a break. Maybe that’s a personal failing I have.

Top three tips for happy blogging:

  1. Planning – particularly frequency
  2. Recognising that mistakes are inevitable and fear of making mistakes should not inhibit.
  3. Being controversial – encouraging and welcoming comments and disagreement.

Thanks so much Ken! Click here to visit Open Parachute. Stay tuned for next month’s interview…

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