Our Interview with Mike Riversdale aka MiramarMike

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This month, we’re excited to hear from Mike Riversdale, a man for all seasons, but certainly not a man of mystery, living his electronic life on-line since 2002. Generating an extensive online presence, Mike runs a series of blogs, including his professional blog, his company blog, the scatological personal blog or any of his social networking sites where he’ll be your ‘friend’, just ask.

Tell us about your blog in five words:
My personal blog: fun, quirky, me, you, updates

Where do you find inspiration for your blog?
I started it after a lunch chat with a mate (Andrew Llewellyn) and that afternoon we’d both created a “blog” (whatever that meant). Mine was a means of sharing fun links, thoughts and in particular photos and news about the family to the rest of the whanau spread all over the world.

What are your interests outside of blogging?
Ha ha ha ha – everything! All my blogs are merely slivers of me and you can quickly discover from it I love meeting people, sharing information and having fun (be it in the pub with good beer and my mates, at work in my company WaveAdept or tickling the kids … and wife).

Three blogs you can’t stop visiting right now:
To be honest I’ve never been much to “visit” other blogs as I am an avid user of RSS via Google Reader and now links garnered via Twitter.

Right now my favourites would include:

The best thing about blogging is…
The ability to get it off your chest AND then discover it resonated with loads of others. The connection across time and space is brilliant.

The worst thing about blogging is…
Feeling I’m not doing enough as Twitter and even (ick) Facebook takes away the time and energy of writing posts. The quick status updates get it out of the system but it’s like a McDonalds burger, fills a whole but you never feel fully satisfied.

Top three tips for happy blogging:

  1. Do it because you want to
  2. Have your audience in mind and talk with them (I have particular people I write for even though they may never actually read the posts)
  3. Be regular in posts (once a month is fine, but be regular, get in a rhythm)

Thanks so much Mike! Stay tuned for next month’s interview…

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