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“Something Emporium started in August 2003, although code that eventually became SE was around since about February of that year. The naming of the site is shrouded in controversy, but it’s genuinely agreed that the ’something’ in the title is derived from a use/mention (in)distinction.

For the first year or so, SE was fairly focussed around the webcomics that Justin produced. Our community grew to a peak of over a hundred users, about thirty of whom regularly logged in and contributed.

In 2004, SE was forced into hiatus for about four months – the downtime basically killed the community. The comics had begun to dry up as well. Now, in 2007, we haven’t had a new comic in an entire year. It’s fairly safe to say that the comics aren’t exactly the starring attraction.

But, well, there’s still the odd bit of something interesting floating around. And we’re still here.

Something Emporium is administrated by Dominic and Justin.”

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