What kind of blogs are you looking for?

The guidelines are blurry, but if it’s written by someone living in New Zealand or from New Zealand, or if it’s about New Zealand or NZ issues or related to New Zealand or Kiwis in pretty much any way, we’ll add it.

You might like to suggest your own blog, or someone else’s that you think we should list. Email us to tell us about a blog that should be in the directory.

We try our darndest to contact blog authors to let them know they’ve been listed – sometimes we won’t be able to get in touch with them straight away and sometimes it’s hard to find people’s contact details as most folk these days are hiding from spam.

We will have to draw the line if we get sent anything really porno, nasty or abusive and reserve the right to decline the addition of any blog that we deem to be dodgy.

Frequently Asked Questions